Safari World Tour


Location : Bangkok ,THAILAND

Meet creatures great and small at Safari World, Thailand’s popular open-air zoo. Enjoy a full-day, guided excursion of this park that is actually two in one – the Safari Park and the Marine Park. Lions, tigers, bears and all sorts of creatures under the sea await you. 

Travel to the Dark Continent and will drive through African-style landscapes that are home to hundreds of rare and endangered animals. Watch the nimble giraffes and elephants across dusty plains and you will swear that you are in Africa. The Wildlife Feeding Show is a high point because, just like us humans, the tigers and lions don’t want to miss a good meal.

Then get wet and go wild at the Marine Park, where a water flume ride transports you into the tropical jungles of Africa and Asia. As you bob in the water among the reeds, see gorillas, exotic birds and even crocodiles. (Let’s hope that they have had a hearty lunch.) 

The Marine Park also has seven shows daily, including white tiger and sea lion performances. In the Water Ski Show, humans will flip, soar and sail on just two narrow skis. Marvel also at the dolphins, the geniuses of the sea, as they hob-nob like humans, giving out kisses and shaking hands. Life is a little rougher in the Wild West, where the Hollywood Cowboy Stunt Show pits the cowboys against the bandits. Duck or you might be lassoed or trampled by a bucking horse.